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LandMark Terrain Awareness and Warning System TAWS8000

LandMark TAWS 8000 is a remote processor that offers predictive warning functions using position data from a GPS receiver, flight configuration and an internal terrain and obstacle database. Both aural and visual warnings are issued whenever potential controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) situations arise. LandMark is designed to meet or exceed the Class B requirements of TSO C-151a. Terrain information can be displayed on TAWS compatible ARINC 453 EFIS, ARINC 453 weather radar indicators and compatible MFDs. Display on non-ARINC 453 radar indicators requires the RGC350 Radar Graphics Computer (sold separately). A baro-corrected altitude input is required.

The LandMark model 8000 is one of the most cost effective ways to add TAWS to existing EFIS, MFD or Radar Indicators. Designed with the latest model or upgraded cockpits in mind, the LandMark 8000 utilizes compatible ADC and GPS inputs to provide accurate terrain data on your aircraft’s existing display. As one of the most affordable Class B TAWS, the LandMark 8000 economically satisfies the FAA mandate for turbine-powered aircraft. Both LandMark 8000 and 8100 models have been tested to 900 kts, assuring reliable performance in any class B jet or turbo-prop.

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