RT-300 Radio Alt.

RT-300 Radio Alt.




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Sperry Flight Systems / Honeywell Inc. RT-300 Radio Altimeter Receiver – Transmitter

  • Radar altimeter transceiver utilized in AA-300 Radio Altimeter System
  • Used to measure the altitude Above Ground Level (AGL)
  • Can be hard mounted to aircraft or mounted in shock isolated tray
  • Precision altitude output used to drive primary radio altitude display in up to five RA-315 or RA-335 indicator or EFIS displays
  • Auxiliary altitude output is ARINC 552 signal used to drive rising runway bar in any Honeywell Altitude Director Indicator
  • In -9X1/-9X3/-9X4/-9X5 units, auxiliary output is limited to 0-500 foot range
  • In -9X2/-9X6/-9X7/-9X8 units, auxiliary output is full scale ARINC 552 (0-2500 feet)
  • Four trip point outputs available that provide a ground when system determines it is at or below the altitude associated with trip point
  • Pilot Activated Self Test (PAST) input available to verify system operation
  • Two separate inputs provided to inhibit self-test operation and may be used to prevent self-test when aircraft flight control system is engaged
  • Valid output signifies system status and separate logic output indicates when unit is tracking return signal

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