NYLO-Seal Insert | Fits 1/4in Tubing

NYLO-Seal Insert | Fits 1/4in Tubing

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NYLO-Seal Nylon Inserts have excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, dilute mineral acids, most organic acids, petroleum oils and greases, and photographic solutions. Installation time is reduced with NYLO-Seal fittings when compared to regular compression or flare fittings. Also, stress on the tubing is relieved during installation as the nut revolves around the sleeve as it is being tightened, which prevents torque from being transmitted to the tubing, to provide an excellent seal and ensures reliability. NYLO-Seal Nut & Sleeves are made of molded nylon to be strong and resistant to abuse, and the acetal copolymer sleeves provide maximum performance. They can continuously operate at temperatures of 200°F and intermittently at temperature as high as 250°F. NYLO-Seal fittings are excellent for instrument, lubricant, air, hydrocarbon fuel, oil coolant, low pressure hydraulic lines, laboratory, and chemical applications.

This NYLO-Seal Insert  fits 1/4-inch tubing.

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NYLO-Seal Insert | Fits 1/4in Tubing