KT 73 Transponder

KT 73 Transponder

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Bendix/King KT73 Mode S ATC Transponder

Silver Crown Plus digital panel mounted Transponder with Mode S Level 2 Datalink
Currently (08/2012) the KT-73 does not meet DO-260B which is indicated as an ADS-B mandate
Not TCAS compatible
Designed for light aircraft
Offers comprehensive functional and safety capability for piston aircraft operators which includes data linked traffic information services to the cockpit
Unique address code allows improved aircraft surveillance and reporting accuracy
Ability to enter and display 8 digit alpha-numeric Flight ID code (i.e. a/c ID employed in flight plan)
Reduced interference in identity and altitude reporting
Capable of exchanging Surveillance and Comm-A interoggation to ADLP (Airborne Data Link Processor) for enhanced Mode S applications
Easy-to-read gas-discharge display with encoded altitude and assigned code information
4 knobs for code selection
Pushbutton VFR code selection
Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) provides continuous self-test capability
Backlighted bezel nomenclature and knobs for recognition during night flights
Features air/ground discrete that can disable ATCRBS and Mode S all-call replies when aircraft is on ground
TSO’d as Class 3A transponder suitable for operation up to 50000 feet
Meets TSO-C112 for Class 2A ATCRBS Mode A and C/Mode S Airborne Transponder Systems
Meets European classic surveillance mandate and JTSO-2C112a
Capable of interfacing to KMD-550 or KMD-850 Multi-Function Displays (with KAC-504 traffic module) for displaying traffic information available from FAA secondary surveillance radars
Capable of interfacing to KMD-250 Multi-Function Display for displaying traffic information (additional module not required)
Capable of interfacing to KI-825 Electronic HSI for displaying traffic information (forthcoming as of April 2004)
Fits same mounting rack as KT-76C,KT-70, and KT-71 transponders

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KT 73 Transponder