KN 40 NAV Converter

KN 40 NAV Converter

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Bendix / King KN40



  • Remote mounted single or dual NAV Converter
  • Simulates Master DME Indicator
  • Omnibearing, Localizer Deviation, Glideslope Deviation, and Marker Beacon output information provided in ARINC 429 format by two 429 output ports
  • Sine/Cosine OBI output and NAV Super Flag output drivers are provided by all versions
  • Optional 3-Wire Synchro RMI driver available in units with XYZ RMI option
  • Solid state design allows rigid mounting in any position

Following labels are transmitted on ARINC 429 transmitter   • ILS Mode: 173, BNR Data, Localizer Deviation 174, BNR Data, Glideslope Deviation 222, BNR Data, VOR Omnibearing/Marker • VOR Mode: 222, BNR Data, VOR Omnibearing/Marker Following labels are received on ARINC 429 receiver – ILS Mode: 017, BCD Data, Selected Runway Heading 033, BCD Data, ILS Frequency 034, BCD Data, VOR/ILS Frequency 105, BNR Data, Selected Runway Heading 377, BCD Data, Equipment Hex ID Code • VOR Mode: 024, BCD Data, Selected Course #1 027, BCD Data, Selected Course #2 034, BCD Data, VOR/ILS Frequency 100, BNR Data, Selected Course #1 110, BNR Data, Selected Course #2 377, BCD Data, Equipment Hex ID Code CLICK HERE FOR A GENERAL PIN OUT DIAGRAM OF THE KN-40

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KN 40 NAV Converter