King KEA346




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EASA-Form 1




King KEA346 Servoed Encoding Altimeter

  • Servoed Encoding Altimeter
  • Altitude indication by single pointer and three-drum counter
  • Barometric scale counter with both inches Mercury and millibars
  • Digital altitude signal from optical encoder
  • Analog altitude signal from potentiometer
  • Warning flag operation by failure monitoring system
  • Warning lamp for altitude alert
  • Internal blue-white lighting
  • Front glass with HEA coating
  • High reliability of servoed mechanism with altitude capsule
  • Compatible with KAS-297B Preselector/Alerter option for KAP-150/KFC-150 (per Installation Bulletin No. 262)
  • Models available with 5 or 28 VDC internal lighting (see table below)
  • Models available with black or gray bezel color (see table below)
  • -08 thru -11 units are current production units with additional Baro set output making KEA-346 compatible with the full line of Bendix/King Flight Control System Altitude Preselect/Alerters including KFC-300

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