FlightMax EX500

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Avidyne FlightMax EX500


  • 5.4″ diagonal MFD able to display radar, datalink weather, lightning, traffic, and terrain data in an easy-to-interpret format
  • Full overlay capability allows you to add or remove traffic, Stormscope, and radar, with 180-degree forward view and 360-degree center view maps
  • Datalink capability via XM Satellite Weather providing NEXRAD, METARs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, TFRs and lightning updates (click Here for service plans pricing)
  • Terrain and water base map with man-made obstacles greater than 200 AGL
  • Includes Trip page providing supplemental information about your route of flight including a list of all remaining waypoints in the active flight plan, with distances and times for each leg
  • Includes standard traffic interface to Goodrich Skywatch / Skywatch HP , 9900B / 9900BX and Honeywell KTA-870/KMH-880
  • Includes standard stormscope interface to Goodrich WX-500
  • Can display curved flight path segments such as DME arcs, holding patterns and procedure turns when interfaced with Garmin GNS-430 and GNS-530 series units
  • radar interface to  Honeywell RDR-2000/2100, RDS-81/82/84/86
  • Easy access to radar modes, tilt control, and bearing adjust
  • Optional Honeywell/Bendix/King EGPWS interface
  • Optional TCAS I or TCAS interface
  • Optional CMAX Electronic Charts allows for viewing approach charts and airport diagrams (for examples, click Here )
  • Optional International Jeppesen and terrain database (covers Europe, Asia, Africa)

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radar interface to  Honeywell RDR-2000/2100, RDS-81/82/84/86

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