Bendix / King KY 97A

Bendix / King KY 97A

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Bendix / King KY 97A VHF Communication Transceiver

The King KY-97A is a lower-cost King COMM, designed for aircraft with 14 volt electrical systems. The KY-97A is capable of tuning 760 COMM channels. Like the KY-96A, the KY-97A uses an LCD display. (The KY-196 and KY-197 series have the gas discharge display, as well as more power, but at a higher cost.)

The KY-97A also features:

  • Simultaneous digital display of both active and standby frequencies
  • Push button frequency flip-flop (may be triggered remotely)
  • 9 memory channels
  • 5 watt transmit power
  • 4 watt audio amplifier for cabin speaker
  • Audio levelling to reduce the difference between strong and weak signals
  • TSO’d

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