Bendix /King KX155A

Bendix /King KX155A

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Bendix / King KX155A
VHF Communication Transceiver / Navigation Receiver



  • Solid state, gas discharge digital display NAV/COMM Transceiver
  • 760 frequency COMM available with 32 programmable COMM channels*
  • 200-channel NAV receiver
  • 40-channel glideslope receiver (version dependent – see table below)
  • 10 watts power output
  • 28 volt version available only
  • FM immune compliant for ICAO Annex 10 (European use)
  • Push button frequency flip-flop with display of active and standby NAV and COMM frequencies
  • Remote channel increment capability and fli-flop tuning for applications where pilot cannot take hands off yoke such as helicopter operators*
  • Stuck microphone alert allows COMM transceiver to automatically shut down if microphone is keyed continuously for more than 33 seconds*
  • Bearing-to-station mode and radial-from-station mode on display*
  • Includes elapsed-time and approach timer that can be programmed to count either up or downwards*
  • Built-in 4 Ohm audio amplifier standard*
  • Internal Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) included for such times when external CDI is being driven by GPS receiver*
  • Backlighting of bezel nomenclature and knobs standard*
  • New display doubles amount of available presentation space from one line to two
  • Used with KI-203/208 VOR/LOC or KI-204/209 VOR/LOC/GS indicators or can be used with KI-525A HSI as part of the KCS-55A compass system (KN-72 VOR/LOC converter required)
  • TSO’d

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