9900BX / TAS 610

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FAA 8130-3 dual release




1 year
  • Dual Antenna Traffic Advisory Systems
  • Based on technology originally developed for air-transport TCAS
  • Four different dual-antenna TAS systems, designed for type of aircraft
  • Detect and actively interrogate other aircraft transponders within range
  • Designed to meet the specific needs of each class of aircraft, providing a full 30-second decision time at a closure rate of up to 1200 knots
  • Real-time traffic monitoring and advisories – not radar-coverage limited & operates independently of ground-based systems
  • Fully ADS-B upgradeable (RTCA DO-260B) with Target Correlation & Long-Range Target Display with ADS-B “In” upgrade
  • Display the surrounding traffic on compatible display systems
  • Provides audible and visual alerts in the event of potential traffic conflict
  • Provides a graphical overlay view and traffic depiction with TCAS symbology on display systems from over 15 different manufactures including Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9 and EX Series MFDs, Garmin’s G1000 and 400/500 series, and displays from Honeywell, Aspen, Rockwell Collins, Chelton, Sandel, Avalex, and more
  • 30 maximum targets displays, 50 targets tracked and active interrogation
  • Provides three levels of alert
  • Each alert provides an altitude separation number and arrow indicating climbing or descending rate of 500 feet per minute or greater
  • Three alerts include:
    • Other Traffic (OT) – depicted as hollow Cyan or White Diamond beyond 6nm in range and has altitude greater than ±1200 feet relative to your aircraft
    • Proximity Alert (PA) – depicted as solid Cyan or White Diamond withing 6nm in range and has altitude within ±1200 feet, but is not considered a collision threat
    • Traffic Alert (TA) – depicted as solid Yellow Circle & automated voice alert is activated when intercept course is within 30 seconds, less than .55 nm and less than ±800 ft
  • Heads-up audible position alert
  • Heading
  • Dual directional antennas standard with all TAS600 series systems
  • ARINC 429 Output Interface
  • TAS610 Recommended for mid-performance aircraft and rotorcraft,
    the TAS610 features a 12nm range, a 3,500-foot vertical separation
    maximum and a 25,000-foot service ceiling. It accepts Arinc 429
    Heading, permitting rapid repositioning of targets during highrate turns.

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